This site has a very long and fascinating ancient history, which you can read about using the link below.

The hospital has a history of community involvement.  It has been taken to the hearts of generations of local residents who have fought valiantly over the years to keep it on this site.  In the late 1980s, the resourcefulness of local residents was shown, when the hospital was forced to close its doors.

This was a step too far and a local campaign was launched to save the hospital.  Newspaper cuttings available to view at both the hospital and at the Rye Museum show the struggle that took place.  This resulted in the local population, particularly in the towns of Rye and Winchelsea, along with local residents Sir Paul and Linda McCartney and Spike Milligan, raising enough money to rebuild the hospital.  Many of our supporters and patients remember the struggle well and continue to support the hospital to this day.

This photograph depicts 21st July 1995 when Sir Paul and Linda McCartney, supported by Spike Milligan and a whole host of local organisations and residents paraded through the town to the hospital to celebrate the completion of the building work.

The exterior retained some of the facade of the original building (which was opened in 1921) and is similar in style.  The interior has been modernised over the years and luckily funds have been forthcoming to keep the hospital up to date in terms of patient care and comfort.  This is a constant struggle and your support is always needed.

2021 marked the Hospital’s centenary year and our Centenary page gives details of how this milestone was commemorated.

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