Care Home Plans

Delivering More Services in the Community

The Rye Winchelsea and District Memorial Hospital Ltd, (the Charity), in conjunction with its development and operating partner Greensleeves Care, is pleased to submit this planning application to develop and operate a 60 bed care home on a one and a half acre site expansion of the Memorial Care Centre .

Greensleeves Care’s culture and ethos mirrors that of the Charity. It is a not for profit organisation with an excellent award winning reputation for the quality of its care provision across its other 21 residential, dementia and nursing care homes. An insight into this approach was made as part of their competitive submission to the Charity and a summary is attached.

Paul Newman, Chief Executive of Greensleeves Care states – “The Trustees of Greensleeves Care are committed to extending our award-winning care services to the local population of Rye. This new home has been sensitively designed by respected architects who understand the day-to-day running of a care home.

Delivering More Services in the Community

Our existing homes are well known for engaging and supporting the local community as it makes our homes a vibrant place to live and work. We look forward to working in partnership with local health and social care professionals to deliver the best possible outcomes for older people and their families in East Sussex.”

This application stems from a demand mapping study carried out by the East
Sussex County Council that identified a lack of care beds at the east end of the county, forcing many families  to place their loved ones into care a considerable distance from their homes. This is given added credence from a study, carried out by Newcastle University and published in the Lancet, which states that rapidly escalating community care needs will have to accommodate an additional 350,000 people with high care dependency by 2025 across England.

In addition, East Sussex County Council, in partnership with Clinical Commissioners and the East Sussex Healthcare Trust has formed an alliance known as East Sussex Better Together (ESBT),   developing an integrated approach to the commissioning and delivery of health and social care services in East Sussex. A key part of this approach is to provide more services in the community reducing the pressure on and unnecessary admission to the acute hospitals.

Delivering More Services in the Community

Catherine Ashton, Director of Strategy at the East Sussex Healthcare Trust states – “ By further expanding the range of services that the Charity provides at the Memorial Care Centre, Rye will play a significant role in meeting the needs of our local population closer to home, which is a key element of our ESBT Alliance strategy.”

This is also an important planning application for the Charity in its desire to become a national exemplar for community care. The Memorial Care Centre currently has the following facilities on its site:

  • A Primary Care GP Practice of 5 doctors and 7500 patients
  • A 19 bed NHS In-Patient Intermediate Care Hospital
  • Numerous Out Patient Clinics including Orthopaedic Physiotherapy and Diabetic Retinal Screening
  • 55 Units of residential Extra Care run by Sanctuary Housing Association.
  • Planning consent to build a state of the art Day Centre on the old Ambulance Site

Delivering More Services in the Community

With this application the Charity seeks to add a further range of services through our chosen partner to meet the needs of the higher dependency patients in the community.

“I am particularly pleased that 25% of the beds are to be allocated as community beds with priority given to local residents” – says Jo Kirkham former Mayor of Rye.

Access to the site is well supported by public transport through the close links which the Charity has with Rye and District Community Transport charity, whose objects are focussed on the provision of not-for-profit community transport services through the 326 bus service and Dial-a-Ride.

Care has been taken to design a sympathetic building that fits into its environment. Tooley and Foster are an architectural practice that has considerable expertise in care home design. The result is a building that has the capacity and flexibility to meet the modern requirements of care provision and yet respects the boundary and visibility requirements of the location. Full supporting details are part of the planning application and available to the public.

This is a long term partnership between the Charity and Greensleeves which is dedicated to making a significant contribution to the health and wellbeing of the elderly and frail in the community and a key component of the interactive relationship between all of the services at the Memorial Care Centre.