Dietitians within East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust critically review the most up to date clinical evidence to ensure that patients receive the best possible nutritional care.

Registered dietitians are the only qualified clinical nutrition specialist registered with the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC).  The HCPC provides a code of professional conduct which all dietitians on the register adhere to.  To check to see if your Dietitian is registered or for more details visit:

Dietitians take part in regular audits and project work to improve service delivery, update nutrition literature and produce and implement nutritional guidelines.

What do dietitians do?
  • Provide information and advice about all aspects of food, health and nutrition which is safe, practical and based on current scientific evidence.
  • Use current public health and scientific research on food, health and disease to provide practical advice to help people choose appropriate nutrition and lifestyles to improve their health.
  • Work with patients of all ages on a one-to-one basis, as well as working with groups of patients, carers and other healthcare professionals.
  • Train and educate other healthcare professionals in a range of diets and nutrition.
  • Develop patient information leaflets to help with the understanding and planning of therapeutic diets.
Who might need to see a Dietician?

Dietitians work with a large range of patients of all ages providing specialist nutritional input in the following areas:

  • Cancer including palliative care
  • Cardiovascular disease including heart conditions and stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Food allergy / intolerance
  • Gastrointestinal problems including:
    • Inflammatory Bowel Disease – Crohn’s disease/Ulcerative Colitis
    • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    • Liver disease
    • Pancreatitis
    • Coeliac disease
  • Neurological problems
  • Obesity with co morbidities
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Post-surgery
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Rheumatology conditions
  • Underweight/malnourished patients needing to stabilise/gain weight (nutrition support).
How to book, amend or cancel an appointment

Avenue House is the administrative centre for Dietetics so please call 0300 131 4532 if you wish to book, cancel or amend a dietetic appointment.

Appointments and referrals

Dietitians working at the Trust see patients who are in hospital (inpatients) and patients in the community (outpatients).

Hospital service

In hospital clinical need and therefore the number of contacts and time with your Dietitian will vary.  The service is provided to adult inpatients at Conquest Hospital and Eastbourne DGH.  Services for children are provided via Kipling ward at Conquest Hospital and Friston day ward at Eastbourne DGH.

Community service

If you need to change or cancel your appointment for any reason, please make contact as soon as possible:

  • For appointments made through Central Bookings (Specialist Gastroenterology clinic only) call 0300 131 4500 Ext: 148044.
  • For all other appointments, please contact the department directly.

If you fail to attend your appointment without informing the service first, you will be discharged from the service and the referrer informed.

Certain clinics for adults are offered in:

  • Hastings, Rye and Bexhill area
  • Eastbourne area, including Hailsham

Clinics for children are provided in:

  • Eastbourne
  • Hastings and Bexhill

For information about Dietetics in Crowborough, Havens, Lewes and Uckfield visit the Sussex Community Trust website

Frequently asked questions

If you have questions regarding Dietetics and Nutrition please visit Frequently asked questions – East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (

Patient information

For further information regarding the Dietetics Service please visit Dietetics and Nutrition patient information leaflets – East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (